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OUR STORY and mission

BRAINSNAC was started by three sisters with a passion for healthy and natural food and an active lifestyle! With two working parents and all of us active in sports and activities, our family is always on the go! Our family has been making these nutritional and delicious products for ourselves as a solution to our busy schedule without sacrificing our health for the sake of convenience.

Now we are sharing the love with the world and are on a mission to promote TRUELY clean and healthy high quality products. As you may already know, unwise choices of diet and over consumption of refined sugar and process food are the leading contributors to our health problems these days. We want to connect with you through our products and our message!

All our products are made from fresh ingredients and real food that you can pronounce and understand. They are also full of wonderful things such as Omega 3, protein, fiber, good fat and antioxidants which boost your energy, health and brain power!

BrainSnac’s product line offers a variety of CLEAN FUEL - protein squares, superfood energy squares, healthy breakfast choices (breakfast cookies, omega 3 granola, overnight oats), Kale chips, and guilt free treats (guilt free brownies, truffles)!

Our products feature VEGAN, KETO, Gluten Free, GRAIN FREE, SUGAR free, LOW GLYCEMIC, Soy Free, Trans Fat Free, Preservatives Free, Food Color Free.

We also have a separate skin line products that are made of fresh, natural ingredients that will nourish your skin, your biggest organ.

Most importantly, BrainSnac promotes a LIFESTYLE that’s centered around LOVE and CARE for ourselves, our families, and our community!